March 2, 2018 – Venus enters Pisces sign. Venus Exalted!

March 2, 2018 Venus enters Pisces sign, the sign in which Venus is considered to be exalted and will stay there until March 26.

We are used to believe that spring is the time of love and romance. And after all, from an astrological point of view, it can be well explained! Every spring, Venus, which is a symbol of love and romantic relationships, transits to the place of its maximum strength – the sign of Pisces. Being here, Venus is capable of giving the most favorable results in that area.

First of all, this transit will have a positive effect on the relations between people, on creativity, art, and also for some lunar signs – on financial activity.

During this transit, Venus will give us the opportunity to love and be loved. Relationships will become more harmonious and coherent. Do not be afraid to show your feelings for your loved ones, and you will feel the same in return. During this time we become more sensitive, we feel the need for love and for someone to be close to us. This is the right time to add some romance to the relationship and restore former harmony. Venus in Pisces can show us the highest manifestations of love, the ability to self-sacrifice and even self-denial for the benefit of the loved ones.

But be careful, a new love or falling in love during this period is very probable and can become absolutely all-consuming. Another side of this transit is the fact that sometimes we do idealize the partner, or can be too trusting and impractical and even come up with love where there is no one.

However in general this transit of Venus will have a favorable impact. The main thing to remember is that the more pure and sincere our attitude is, the more opportunities Venus will have to make its favorable influence.

The period of Venus in Pisces will be successful and fruitful for those involved in art and creativity. You will be full of inspiration and new ideas.

It is also a good time to buy jewelry, vehicles, etc. Go to theater, spend time in a pleasant company, visit beautiful places and parties. Enjoy life!

Also do not forget about such characteristics of Pisces as awareness and spirituality. Thus, trust your intuition and try to make this world more beautiful. Venus will be pleased ,)