Surya Namaskar Mantra – Salutation to the Sun

Surya means Sun, and Namaskar – is a greeting. Even the ancient yogis claimed that the outer Sun is a symbol of our own “inner Sun”, our spiritual consciousness. Therefore, expression of respect for the Sun is an important part of the spiritual practice.

Salutation to the Sun, Surya Namaskar is a prayer in motion. It allows us to use our body as a tool for achieving higher consciousness. Performing Surya Namaskar activates our solar qualities and fills us with the vital energies.

Om Mitraya Namaha – greeting the universal Friend
Om Rawae Namaha – greeting to the Shining
Om Suryaa Namaha – greeting to Him who dispels the darkness
Om Bhanavi Namaha – greeting to Him who illuminates
Om Khagaya Namaha – greeting to the All-pervading
Om Pushny Namaha – Greeting to the Giver of Power and Nutrition
Om HiranyaGarbhai Namaha – Greeting to the Brilliant as Gold
Om Marichaye Namaha – greeting to Him who has an infinite number of rays
Om Adityaya Namaha – greeting the son of Aditi, the divine mother
Om Savitre Namaha – greeting to the Giver of Life
Om Arkaya Namaha – greeting  to the Worthy of Praise and Glory
Om Bhaskaraya Namaha – greeting to the One who leads to enlightenment

How to Chant Surya Mantra

☀ Sundays are most auspicious for the worship of Lord Surya, so one should try to start chanting on this day.

☀ The prayer should always be started before sunrise.

☀ One should pray with incense and fresh flowers.

☀ The mind should be devoid be any negative thoughts so that one could be welcoming to the positive vibrations that come from chanting the Surya Mantras.