New service! Order a Puja to harmonize all aspects of your life

What do you do if your horoscope seems to be unfavorable? If the planets make you work out the karma of past lives. Do you have to suffer through all your life?


Now we have a unique option – order a puja to harmonize all aspects of the horoscope. Puja will be held in Varanasi, the most ancient and sacred city in the world. Puja is performed by six Indian Brahmin priests. And is led by the experienced acharya Shyam Prasad.

About the Priest

Shyam Ji is the youngest son in the family of Nepalese Brahmins. From an early age, barely eight, he was sent to the ashram, where he studied Yoga, Vedas, Sanskrit and religious rituals (Katmandu, Nepal). At the age of 18, he entered The University of Varanasi, where he is still studying the sacred language of Sanskrit.

For his deep dedication and brilliant results in studies, Shyam Prasad was appointed as the chief priest of the Ganga Aarti Puja at the main ghat of Varanasi – Dashashvamedh.

Ganga Aarti is an evening ritual honoring the Goddess Ganga. It is an incredibly beautiful ceremony of offering lamps, flower petals, incense, leaves to the River.




This bright 45-minute ritual of worshiping Shiva, the sacred Mother Ganga, Surya (Sun), Agni (fire), and the  Universe is an expression of love, humility and gratitude to the gods. The ceremony is attended by seven brahmins. Thousands of tourists come and sail by boat to Dashashwamedh Ghat to enjoy the beauty of this ritual.

Syam Prasad has been conducting this ritual together with 6 priests for over ten years.

In addition, since 2014, Shyam Ji teaches yoga and meditation in Japan. Here he comes to visit his loyal disciples. He gives them practice and conducts individual counseling.


Depending on the horoscope, Shyam Prasad together with the priests conducts one- or two-days-puja (for some difficult cases).

One-day puja lasts 5-7 hours. It consists of abhisheka and homa.

You have a unique opportunity to attend puja all this time thanks to online services. With Skype or Messenger, you can watch homa, recite mantras with priests, make requests to the Deities during the Abhishek, etc.

Those who have already ordered puja from Shyam Prasad speak with great enthusiasm and reverence about this ritual. While at home, in a comfortable environment, and putting all affairs off for 7 hours, you can plunge into the sacred space of the ancient Vedic ritual, which symbolizes your connection with the divine powers. The state of deep meditative calmness and joy fills you after puja. Syam Prasad and the six priests masterfully perform the ritual and guide you during it.

Types of Pujas:

  • Navagraha Puja (puja for nine planets)
  • Kuja Dosha Puja to eliminate Kuja Dosha in natal chart (negative position of Mars, especially harming family life)
  • Mrityunjay Puja. This puja helps cure chronic diseases, protects against accidents. Significantly softens Kala Sarpa Dosha.
  • Ganesh Puja to remove obstacles in life, especially in business and work.
  • Lakshmi Puja to attract prosperity.
  • Yagya for harmonizing family relationships and love affairs

Cost per one-day puja (held by 7 priests) – $ 500
Cost per two-day puja (held by 7 priests) – $ 800

In addition, in order to harmonize the influence of some planets, Shyam Ji and other brahmins chant japa in the ancient temple of Varanasi – Kedareswar.


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