Venus-Saturn and Saturn-Venus Vimshottari Dasha – are most difficult karmic periods

Venus-Saturn and Saturn-Venus Periods last for 38 months and their results can bring a person the same sufferings and anxiety as Sade Sati does. Those troubles can be both psychological and/or physical.

First to notice this was Kalidasa, who described his thoughts on this mysterious period in his great book “Uttara Kalamrita”.

It is believed that a person who passes these dasha and the antardasha of Venus and Saturn (Venus-Saturn or Saturn-Venus) cannot avoid the fruits of his\her negative karma. And even “the brilliant king can become a beggar” during this period.

For many years of studies, astrologers have not been able to come to a common opinion and understand the restraints of this troubled time. My practice nevertheless confirms that in most cases mutual periods of Venus and Saturn are associated with difficulties and challenges.

How exactly and to what extent this happens depends on the natal chart of a person, but in the final analysis, the results of these periods often are very much alike: reputation, name, fame, money, dignity and health, all these areas are subject to destruction. Sometimes a person can experience incomprehensible or strange health problems, which lead to withdrawal from work and loss of income. Sometimes it can be devastating love relationships, which end in scandals and loss of reputation. Several times these were monetary losses due to the fault of financial institutes, where, in fact, nothing depended on a person. Sometimes this is the end of a stable and lasting relationship, after which a person remains completely depressed and alone.

Despite the fact that Shani and Shukra are friends to each other, this, nevertheless happens.

Perhaps one of you has already gone through these periods. Please share your experience and your feelings. However, for those who are waiting for these periods to come, I recommend to prepare carefully, and most important, try to meditate on what to expect during this time (depending on the personal natal chart, these events can be predicted).

Remember that using knowledge, you can, if not change your fate completely, but at least make it easier. So, for example, if the loss of money is inevitable, you can “lose” money through charity, making donations. If the surgery is unavoidable, you can do regular blood donations. If loss of work is unavoidable, you can help find a job for other people, etc. These adjustments work. We humbly allow planets do their work, but “with benefit for ourselves.”  Isn’t it worth our effort?!

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