How to reduce Sade Sati effects

First of all one should remember that Saturn is not always cruel and unfavorable. For example, for ascending Taurus and Libra, Saturn can give an increase in productivity in its periods, opportunities for new projects and means for their implementations.

At the same time, for Cancer and Lion ascending, periods and sub-periods of Saturn can become really complex and associated with great restrictions and mental anxieties.

Recommendations for the Saturn period and Sade Sati.

🔱  Stay patient and keep on working;

🔱  Continue working on the errors;

🔱  Do your duties no matter what;

🔱  Follow the regime, live by the schedule;

🔱  Do not be lazy;

🔱  Rest properly after work!

🔱  Observe austerities, but do not torture yourself;

🔱  Respect the elderly, monks, ascetics, workers, service staff (!);

🔱 Do practice (yoga, meditation, prayer, reading scriptures). This is important, because without this wisdom it is difficult for us to understand why and what is happening;

🔱  Aspire the Lord’s mercy in any situation;

🔱  Do not expect anything;

🔱 Recite Hanuman Chalisa, as it is very powerful and helps reduce the effects of Sade Sati

Be happy and let Ghananiilambara, the One Wearing clothes of deep blue color, grant you His favor and grace!