Ritucharya. Diet and lifestyle during Autumn Season

Ritucharya – is a certain regime, corresponding to each season. Ritucharya prescribes a special lifestyle, diet and daily routine for each season, which in turn helps maintain the balance of doshas throughout the year.

Autumn is dry, light, cold, and windy. All these qualities enhance vata dosha. Accordingly, in the fall our diet and lifestyle should be aimed at soothing vata in the body.


Oil massage. Every morning, rub the whole body well from the head (including hair) to the feet with sesame oil. The oil should be left for 10-15 minutes, and then take a warm shower without soap, so that a little oil remains on the skin.

It is recommended to apply sandalwood paste on the body.

Avoid daytime sleep.

Avoid wind or fog.

Panchakarma treatment is highly recommended during this period.


Having breakfast is a must. Warm porridges such as oatmeal or rice with the addition of ghee or butter are perfect for breakfast (preferably from whole grains, not cereals).

For lunch and dinner, eat rice and stewed vegetables. Hot thick soups and different stews will be good for digesting. Food should be nourishing, but easy-digestible.

The use of raw vegetables should be limited, as they arouse vata.

Eat only when you feel hungry. The meal should be full, snacks are not recommended.

Limit the use of sour milk products (yogurt, sour cream), because they arouse kapha, which can result in nasal congestion, “wet” coughing and the like.

Limit the use of leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, spinach).

Recommended tastes are bitter and sweet.

Products that strengthen vata, which are cold and dry are not recommended. Also avoid cold drinks.

Drink warm herbal tea with honey or ginger tea. Before going to bed it is good to drink a cup of warm milk (you may add a little dry ginger, turmeric, cardamom, nutmeg).

Color therapy

Warm colors such as red, yellow or orange are good for calming vata. Use these colors in clothes and in the surrounding.