9 Planets and 9 Months of Pregnancy

Ancient astrologers specified that each month of pregnancy is controlled by one of the nine planets.

Depending on whether the planet is favorable or unfavorable in a woman’s horoscope, one can assume good results or difficulties during the corresponding month of pregnancy. If the Lord Planet of the month is strong in the natal chart, then the woman and the child will feel good. If the Lord Planet of the month is weak, combust, etc., then the woman and the child will suffer/

✨ 1 month is ruled by Venus. Semen is connected to an egg and embryo is formed.

✨ 2 month is ruled by Mars. Embryo hardening.

✨ 3 month is ruled by Jupiter. Growth of the limbs and sensory organs.

✨ 4 month is ruled by Sun. Development of the skeleton, teeth are formed, reflexes develop.

✨ 5 month is ruled by Moon. Formation of skin and development of mental abilities.

✨ 6 month is ruled by Saturn – Development of hair and nails, the digestive system begins to work.

✨ 7 month is ruled by Mercury – The emergence of consciousness, activation of vitality and ability to perceive the environment.

✨ 8 month is ruled by Lagnesh – Active growth of the body with the help of the mother’s food, for the first time there is a feeling of hunger and thirst.

✨ 9 month is ruled by Moon – The fetus is fully formed, there is a desire to leave the mother’s womb.

✨ 10 month is ruled by Sun – Labor.