Monthly personal forecast

Monthly astrological forecast is a valuable tool, that will can help you reduce negative factors and increase positive moments in your life.

Subscription to an exclusive astrological forecast for a month / half a year / year.

Subscription for 1 year – 100 $. At the beginning of each month you get a forecast for a month.

Subscription for 6 months – 55 $

Subscription for 1 month – 10 $

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this is not a common horoscope for all signs of the zodiac, but your personal forecast based on your lunar sign, Lagna (ascending sign), transits, life periods and sub-periods.

Make yourself a nice and useful gift. Feel my hearty participation, when every month you will find a message from me in your mailbox. This letter will be written and sent with love.

If you are still not sure, write to me and get one test forecast for free!

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Here’s what my other subscribers say:


The forecast was so accurate! I am touched and inspired! – P.


Dear, Leela! I’m writing this to thank you for the monthly forecast, which always comes on time. Most of all I like how you describe and explain the upcoming events – in an easy and understandable manner. You are the first astrologer I read regularly, because your predictions are always full of meaning, and you are always so precise that it is amazing! – S.


Leela, thanks for the monthly forecasts! They are so brilliantly composed, everything is explained and laid out on the shelves, which is especially valuable for people like me who do not have a complete understanding in astrology. – N.


Leela, your in-depth analysis and forecasts are exceptional. – E.