Mercury in Jyotish

Mercury is described as a young and charming prince. Although there are many descriptions of Mercury, it is not always easy to understand this planet and its influence, as qualities are unstable and changeable. The Sanskrit name of Mercury is Buddhi, which means intelligence or cognition, and is related to the concept of buddhi – the ability to make a right judgment.

Mercury is responsible for our intelligence and intellect. The location of Mercury in the natal chart indicates one’s ability to learn and to observe, the ability to apply knowledge, and also the way one manifests him/herself as a student. It is our possibility to obtain information, correctly process it and forward it further in the right direction. All communications and infrastructures are also ruled by Budhi.

In addition, Mercury is a planet of flexibility and adaptation, of perfect skills and cunning, ambiguity and sense of humor. Such fields as writing, literature, and communication are also under the rule of this planet. Also, Mercury protects astrologers. Another important area, which cannot succeed without Mercury – is trade and merchandising.

Mercury that is strong in the natal chart gives the ability to distinguish, to distinct truth from illusion, and desire for higher knowledge. People with strong Mercury are logical, consistent, attentive to detail, inventive, well trained, they are good in learning foreign languages. Mercury is always young and therefore strong and favorable he will give youthfulness and healthy skin.

If Mercury is weak in the chart it is difficult for a person to be rational. Such people are naive and they lack common sense. They may experience problems with speech and/or memory, may be addicted to lies, may have game dependencies, nervousness, etc.

In our body, Mercury is responsible for: skin, nervous system, hands, mouth, and tongue.

Color of Mercury is green.

Its side of the world is north.

Stone – emerald, and its metal is mercury and brass.

The Number of Mercury is 5.

Mercurians are good in: journalism, work with figures and databases, work with information, analytics, advertising, marketing, sales, trade, astrology.

If you are interested in finding out what influence Mercury has on you, contact an astrologer for a natal chart reading.