July 12, 2017 – Mars enters Cancer, Mars debilitated

This is a difficult transit, since the active Mars enters the emotional sign of Cancer. Martian energy contradicts the caution and prudence of Cancer. Mars always knows what he wants, while Cancer is insecure, it needs to feel the situation before acting. Mars is a warrior and often takes life, Cancer is a symbol of motherhood and birth of life. Mars is masculine, hot, demanding. Cancer is feminine, soft, sweet, and homey.

Mars represents our external manifestations: our actions, reactions, how we express ourselves. Mars is the planet of activity, ambition, energy, fire. In the watery, sensual and intuitive Cancer, Mars does not feel comfortable.

During this transit, our emotions are under great pressure. We become less rational and are easier to be drawn into the conflict. Motivation and actions are aimed at protecting ourselves, as well as the space that we consider to be ours, our own. On the other hand, we may experience lack of strength, and also motivation for work is weakened.

During this transit we tend to act passively-aggressively, instead of defending our positions openly. At the same time, during this transit, Mars activates our inner life, home affairs and cares, communication with relatives and siblings become important.

Mood shifts are frequent, vulnerability and sensitivity are increased. In relationships, you may encounter whims, insults, silence games, etc.

Emotional conflicts with relatives are expected, especially with family members and close folks. However those will not be open conflicts, Mars in Cancer acts differently, such as reproaches, eloquent views, hints, silence, imposition of feelings of guilt and resentment.


💫  Try to be more flexible

💫  Control your emotions

💫  Plan your activities carefully

💫  Listen to your intuition, it intensifies during this period

💫  Do not respond to manipulation

💫  Take care of the house, do repairs, clean up, take care of the land or garden

💫  Listen and chant Nrsimha pranama, this is a strong upaya for Mars harmonization


Remember that these are general recommendations. How this transit of Mars in Cancer affects a specific person, largely depends on the natal chart of a person.