Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31, 2018

This time the eclipse will take place in the Cancer sign, Ashlesha nakshatra.

The symbol of this very intense nakshatra is the coiled serpent, which symbolizes the powerful energy of kundalini. The deities of this nakshatra are Nagas, kings of serpents.

Ashesha points out problems that are caused by attachment to sensual pleasures. The eclipse in this nakshatra will distort and increase energy. Because of the poisonous nature of Ashlesha, we may become an object of attack, or can cause pain to those around us by our own words or actions.

At the same time, Ashesha gives us a tendency to spiritual practices, to asceticism, gives energy and strength for helping others and for healing. Snakes have the ability to change skin. Lunar eclipse in Ashlecha is an opportunity for powerful changes with the help of kundalini energy. Therefore, this eclipse can be successfully used to improve one’s spiritual qualities, for cleansing oneself of bad feelings and negative energy, getting rid of bad habits, etc. Heal yourself and push away the poisonous side of your nature on a physical and/or spiritual level.

Recommendations for the lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018

  • Observe all the rules and regulations on this day
  • Do not gossip, do not play intrigues
  • Beware of cheating, lies, thieves
  • Increased anxiety, fear, melancholy are possible
  • Be careful with medication and treatment
  • Be especially careful when handling poisons and chemicals
  • Food poisoning is possible