March 9, 2018 – Jupiter retrograde

Once in a year Jupiter becomes retrograde for about 4 months. This time the retrogression phase will last from March 9, 2018 to July 10, 2018.

Jupiter rules finance, children, teachers, legal issues, spirituality and religion. Accordingly, during the period of Jupiter retrograde, there will be limitations in that area. Any kind of social activity will be slowed down, and those who practice the spiritual path may feel a drop of enthusiasm and even disappointment.

Any activities that are supposed to have long lasting results, such as marriage, new commercial projects, new business, and investments should be postponed until the more favorable time. Also it is not recommended to borrow and lend big amounts of money.

Do not start anything related to courts and legal issues.

Issues related to higher education, long trips, as well as large and important projects are likely to be inconclusive.

One should pay attention to family matters. Children will demand your special attention; as quarrels, conflicts, disobedience or other concerns with children are possible. Try not to be harsh in judgments and conclusions, be tolerant. Also this time is not considered favorable for conceiving.

During this period, one should try to be tolerant of the beliefs and philosophies of other people. Do not criticize or condemn other people’s principles, ways of life or religion.

However this is a good time to deepen our own life experience. Whatever the circumstances, the period of Jupiter retrograde is the time when we need to objectively look at ourselves, understand and honestly admit to ourselves what our weaknesses are and how we can improve ourselves in this direction.

How to you use the period of retrograde Jupiter

  • Put your financial affairs in order.
  • Accomplish your long lasting projects.
  • Go back to long-standing unresolved problems. Now you can see them from different point of view.
  • Resume interrupted education or training.
  • Reconsider your value system, as well as issues of spiritual growth and your mission.
  • Avoid excessive self-confidence and unjustified optimism.
  • Do charity.

It has to be stated that Jupiter retrograde will raise the issues in one’s life according to the areas that are connected with the house of the natal horoscope, where Jupiter transits. To understand what those areas are and what tasks will be the most relevant to you during the Jupiter retrograde phase, please order a personal birth chart reading.