October 11, 2018 – Jupiter enters Scorpio

Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system. Jupiter is considered the most favorable planet in Jyotish. Basically, it gives beneficial results, even if it rules “bad” houses in the natal chart. Jupiter passes through one zodiac sign in about a year, that is why its transits (the transition from one sign to another) are important for us and bring changes in our lives.

Jupiter represents knowledge and education, success, prosperity, fame and authority, and also children. But now, such qualities of Jupiter as luck, higher education, religion, optimism, expansion, etc., should be viewed from a slightly different angle, since the qualities of Scorpio are completely opposite. Scorpio manages anger, revenge, obsession with desires, difficulties and all that is hidden.

Jupiter that is optimistic by nature may not be that comfortable in the mystic and somewhat gloomy sign of Scorpio, which will emphasize planet’s negative features. Nevertheless, possessing positive qualities, Jupiter is able to contribute to a positive expansion in such scorpio-based topics as: common finances, loans, inheritance, etc.

What will Jupiter in Scorpio bring us?

The year may be full of sudden, unexpected events, both good and bad.

This is a good time for introspection.

There also will be a focus on such topics as travel, finance, relationships.

This is a good time to open loans, find sponsors, manage other people’s finances.

The interest in psychology, astrology, and other esoteric sciences and knowledge is likely to flourish.

In a word, we are faced with a possibly contradictory year. On the one hand, Jupiter will provide an opportunity to fully use our potential, to open our internal or hidden reserves, to test the strength of relationships established in Libra sign. On the other hand, this is a time of change, transformation, restoring order at all levels of life. This is a great time to reassess past experiences.

Possibilities for personal development

We should remember that Jupiter in Scorpio means not only an extension of our capabilities, but also a transformation, possibly very painful for someone. At the same time, our growth and development will directly depend on the resolution of conflicts and contradictions associated with the study and comprehension of internal laws of life.

Previous year was associated with the expansion of opportunities in partnership, relationships and social relations; now in relations with people we are moving to a deeper level — the level of values and internal resources. At this time, more than ever, we need to try to deepen our relationships, learn to accept values that are different from ours, develop the ability to share and give.

If we don’t do that, conflicts or claims may arise, who has given someone more, whose contribution to the business or partnership is more valuable, etc. In other words, relations, affairs, projects that don’t have deeper meanings and values will disintegrate.

How to use the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio with maximum benefit

🔹 Get rid of everything old and unnecessary, start the changes in life that you put off.

🔹 Try not to be attached to earnings and finance. Understand that there is something more than money and bills in life. Do not be greedy and do not be mean.

🔹 Be engaged in self-development; change yourself and your environment.

🔹 Consider your attitude to money in your life, make order there, start saving.

🔹 A good time to consider and arrange insurance for life, real estate, or any values.

🔹 Start learning astrology, psychology, and/or other esoteric knowledge.

🔹 Consider your relationships. A deep connection with other people now offers strong growth.

🔹 Start sharing the most secret emotions in your closest relationship.

🔹 Give yourself to other people.

Remember that these are general recommendations.  If you want to know how this transit of Jupiter effects you personally, please contact for personal natal chart reading: info@astrolila.com