February 15, 2018 – Solar Eclipse. Stay at home if possible!

According to Jyotisha, Solar Eclipse is an inauspicious event. When it takes place, it is said that demon Rahu swallows the Sun.

During a solar eclipse, the Sun, which illumines our world, is hidden from our sight.  This is not beneficial for the planet. It means that Sun cannot fulfill His functions.  His vital energy can’t reach Earth. In Jyotish Sun represents our soul.  Therefore on the day of eclipse, our soul is hidden from ourselves.

Sun also represents health and vitality. That is why, it is highly recommended not to strain ourselves during eclipses.  Otherwise, there consequences can be sad.

You may feel the influence of the eclipse several days before and after the phenomenon. During this time, you may encounter prostration or stress, sickness, digestive problems. Rahu “shadows” our mind so be prepared for the absent-mindedness or confusion, unexplained fears and anxiety.

It is not recommended to make important decisions in the days of solar eclipse; try not to act impulsively; it is not recommended to start business and go on a trip; do not make big purchases or lay the foundation of the house. Obviously this is an unfavorable time for any undertaking.

There are several important rules, observing which one can avoid negative consequences of a solar eclipse:

  1. The main rule of solar eclipse is to try to minimize your contact with the Sun’s rays. It is best to stay at home and not to go out if unnecessary;
  2. Minimize the amount of food consumed on the day of eclipse. It will be very favorable to give up meat/fish/eggs and alcohol;
  3. Don’t stay in the crowd, do not attend social events;
  4. Do not borrow or lend money;
  5. It is also not recommended to hang and dry clothes on the street during the eclipse;
  6. Do not look at the eclipse;
  7. Wash before and after the eclipse.

If you have an important meeting or event scheduled, take a morning bath, visit a temple or pray for protection.

Stay safe and be shanti.