7th May – The most auspicious day of the year – Akshaya Tritiya 2019

It is believed that Akshaya Tritya brings people wealth and prosperity. This is a very special day, since both the Sun and the Moon, occupy their strongest positions – they are in exaltation.

In this article I will tell in detail what is the best to do on this auspicious day for further prosperity.

Practice on Akshaya Tritya

New beginnings

Akshaya Tritya is incredibly favorable for all new beginnings and projects. Things started on this day will flourish and bring satisfaction. Wealth increases many times, thanks to the luck that this day promises. However, it should be remembered that this year, during Akshaya Tritiya, two planets are retrograde, so you need to check with the astrologer and consider the personal natal chart whether to start building a new house or start a new project, etc.


Be sure to plan and write how you would like to see your life, what you want to achieve and change in your life. The powerful energy of Akshaya Tritya will help your wishes come true if they are good for you and others.


Any charitable activities on this day are good and their results will be enormous. Donate food, sweets, clothes (new ones) or money to those who need it. This is the easiest and most effective way to thank the Lord for His mercy and blessings.

Buy gold and jewelry

Investing in gold is especially favorable on this day. You can also buy silver, platinum, precious stones.

Spiritual practice

Prayers, chanting mantras, visiting temples and holy places, reading scriptures, etc. – all of these bring amazing results on this day. Strengthening your spiritual practice on Akshaya Tritya, you can easily reach a new level of spiritual development.

Austerities and fast initiated on this day will be successful and easily accomplished.


Since this is a sacred day, it is advised to conduct a special puja and rituals of worship. Pray to the goddess Lakshmi for material well-being and prosperity, to Lord Shiva for health, and Krishna for happiness.

It is needed to say that Akshaya Tritya is a very powerful day. However, do not forget about the law of karma. Therefore, if you have favorable indications in the horoscope and you are in a favorable life period, then your beginnings on Akshaya Tritya, will be successful. But if a person has bad karma, experiences unfavorable periods or transits, then this day is unlikely to solve all the problems.